Sun, sand, the sea and a bikini! 🐚

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    The kind of Sunday blues we love! 🏝
    Floral escape on a sunny day!

    Our #NewCollectionBoaVista has arrived!
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    Location: @aurahotelbaru

    You will find, black and white print of butterflies and hand embroidered details.
    Loving our new looks, all in #shinnycooper

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    Take a look to our new one piece with open back and V-neckline swimsuit!

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    Always bring your own sunshine!
    Nothing else to say. YOU ARE THE SUN
    Dreaming in shades of blue!

    Take a look to our #NewCollectionPunaluu
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    The earth is blooming with our #newcollection Boa Vista!

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    Take with you the bright side!
    The #NewCollectionPunaluu is here! Shop online

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    Accessories by: @pilujoyeria
    We have different fits, different styles for each women!

    MOONLESS // #NewCollection

    We are happy to introduce a new color #ShinnyCooper

    Get ready to enjoy the sun and some glow!
    Take time to enjoy a pause.
    Forever tropical vibes in our life’s 💛
    Never underestimate the power of a basic bikini, wearing our #evys you can give a twist to your look; every single day!

    ¡Por la compra de un bikini o entero de la categoría #EVERYDAY recibe un regalo sorpresa! Conoce más en nuestras historias.
    Nothing but blue (and white) stripes!

    Take a look to our #NewCollectionPunaluu
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    It’s time to bloom!

    Our #NewCollectionBoaVista has arrived!
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    Stripes with a little touch of color contrast; for sunny days.

    Let’s enjoy life in bikini! #NewCollectionPunalu

    Accessories by: @pilujoyeria
    #NewCollectionMonarc for black and white lovers!
    Here comes the sun and we are ready!
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    Yellow and flowers is the new #musthave

    Something new is here.... #limitedstock 💛
    Blooming every day.

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    Location: @aurahotelbaru
    Sandy toes, sunkissed nose.

    Our #NewCollectionBoaVista has arrived!
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    Meet our new pieces; full of stripes and color contrast.

    Available now at stores!

    Accessories by:
    Till the end, loving life in bikini 🖤

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    We see beauty everywhere 💛
    You can mix and match our #evys with our new collection #kiwayu 💛 Take your look to the next level!
    Each color will pop up your beauty!
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